The ground floor consists of three children’s rooms, the Under 2’s, Toddlers and Pre-school. On the first floor is the kitchen, staff room and a large multi-function room where children meet for meal-times, extra indoor activities and which is quickly and easily transformed into a sensory room. On the top floor is the office and administration area.

Nursery Room : Under 2’s

A large, light and airy room for babies and young toddlers with plenty of opportunity to explore their surroundings, partake in activities and play with a wide range of toys. The room can be subdivided with a removable gate to provide individual areas for very small babies and a quiet area for sleep time.


A large room with plenty of space for children to engage in activities, explore their creative talents or make use of the raised floor for quieter activities. The room has access to dedicated toilet facilities and separate double doors to the garden which children are encouraged to explore at will through free-flow play.


In tune with the other rooms our pre-school children have all the facilities they need for individual learning and group activities plus a raised floor for quiet time and a role-play area to explore and understand social interaction. This room also has dedicated wheelchair-friendly toilet facilities and direct access to the garden.

Multi-function room

Used three times a day for meals, children gather together for breakfast, dinner and tea, it also provides a large clear area for indoor activities such as soft play, music and movement and cooking. The room houses an interactive whiteboard with access available to children of all ages and the room quickly converts into a sensory room with a range of equipment suitable for all children, with particular benefits for children with special needs. This room is also used for in-house staff training.

Forest School

The setting has two fully qualified Level Three Forest School Leaders who both hold Outdoor First Aid qualifications.

The ethos of forest school is to provide children with first-hand, real life experiences within the woodland environment, creating opportunities for active learning and critical thinking whilst embedding positive social and emotional skills whilst creating an environmental awareness.

What we do at forest school:-

  • Seek out mini beasts taking care not to disturb their habitats
  • Identify the different trees that grow in the woodland
  • Build shelters that will allow us to take cover when needed
  • Take nature walks to discover wider surroundings

Use our creativity with natural materials that do not disturb animal or plant life