Food & Nutrition

All meals are prepared in-house on a daily basis providing a varied menu and caters for special dietary needs and requirements.


A sample Menu is outlined below:

Day Breakfast Lunch Tea
Monday Cereal Fish fingers with crispy potatoes and baked beans Apple crumble and custard Ham sandwiches Fresh fruit
Tuesday Toast with Jam or Marmalade Pasta with a cheese and tomato sauce served with sweetcorn Fresh Fruit Cheese and crackers Yoghurt
Wednesday Yoghurt and fresh fruit Meatballs in gravy with boiled potatoes, carrots and peas Strawberry Mousse Jam sandwiches Fresh Fruit
Thursday Cereal Chicken Italian made with Bacon and fresh cream Fresh fruit Carrot and Parsnip Soup Fairy cake
Friday Toast with Jam or Marmalade Jacket potato with chilli Bread and Butter pudding served with custard Sausage rolls with bread and butter Fresh Fruit


Useful additional Information